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Bettinardi Studio Stock 15 – An Investment in a Better Game

Of all the clubs in a golfer's bag, the putter is, by far, the most intimate. Drivers come and go with the flavor of the month, iron sets are routinely swapped, but the putter seems to have a staying power that transcends trends and technology. The common sentiment is that a good putter is a […]

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Cleveland 588 irons – Blended Superiority

Outside of golf, I've always been a big fan of performance cars and that particular industry.  During my formative years in the auto scene, I remember learning how Ford introduced the concept of a modular engine, a manufacturing practice that allowed the company to reconfigure an entire plant in a matter of hours to produce […]

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Callaway XHOT Driver – Longer from Everywhere

If you're even a casual golf fan, you've no doubt been influenced by the new Callaway.  A new team of guerilla marketers are working with metallurgical geniuses to create a new line of clubs that already have amassed a cult following.  The unleashing of the new RAZR Fit Xtreme was a worlwide #1 Twitter trend […]

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Adams Super S Driver – The Easy Million

Current wisdom dictates that if you're playing a driver more than 3 years old, it's time to upgrade. With the current crop of  2013 models, I'd start the argument that your driver, regardless of age, is out of date. Quality stock shafts, increased forgiveness and new adjustment technology make the case for visiting your nearest […]

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